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“You don’t need magic to disappear… All you need is a magical destination…”

Samaa Resorts is a labour of ‘love, enthusiasm, collection of exquisite experiences, commitment & thought of giving back.’
Manali & Manmeet Ahluwalia were in absolute awe with their trips to Kinnaur & Spiti (2 pristine villages in the paradise called ‘Himachal Pradesh’)
Being ardent bikers & travellers, they took the plunge to enter into hospitality business, but of a special kind.

Two supreme aims while building Samaa Resorts

Bringing to everyone’s notice two quaint, untouched beauties of Himachal Pradesh : Chitkul & Kalpa.
Building a deep sense of attachment & closeness to Mother Nature which brought them closer to themselves like never before.

The unexplored beauty of Himachal

Chitkul :

Get transported to a place of blissful serenity, exciting yet soulful as you travel to the ‘last village’ on the Indo-Tibetan border. The village of Chitkul resides on the pristine banks of the river Bapsa. Facing harsh winters, the inhabitants take shelter in the foothills of Lower Himachal. It is interesting to know that the potatoes grown in Chitkul are considered to be one of the best in the world. Enjoy the unique trekking experience provided by us during your stay with us at Samaa Resort, Chitkul. Let us provide your adventurous soul, a taste of the vast and mesmerizing sights of Himachal, packaged with mouthwatering Himachal cuisine served graciously by the hosts.


Kalpa :

This piece of heaven is the apple of this nation’s eye, literally. Situated at the center of Kinnaur, Kalpa is the apple capital of India. Re-discover peace like the ancient sages who reside here. Enjoy a profound sense of fulfillment surrounded by the unique culture, vibrant traditions and soulful rituals as you visit the quaint villages nearby. Trek to the fabled ‘Kinner Kailash’, a 90ft tall Shivling, situated at 19000ft above the sea-level. Relish this wondrous land forgotten in time, from Samaa Resorts, Kalpa, as you bite into the delicious, ripe, sweet & crisp apples of Kalpa. Visit us for a memorable experience like never before.



Her Majesty’s colonial rule may have ended in India, but its echo lingers on in Shimla. As the Summer Capital of the British in our country, Shimla was in focus for the better part of every year. Today Shimla is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh.
Aira Holmes Heritage Resorts, formerly known as Morfield Grange,is a 150 year old English bungalow in Shimla,forgotten in time and preserved by the caring affections of the host through all these years. Hidden in the bosom of the lush forests of Chotta Shimla, this place is a unique escape from the hustle of the main city of Shimla.
The pride of the Honorable Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh, it was a gift to him by the then Viceroy of India. Interestingly, he is also considered responsible for setting up a committee in 1946 that led to the formation of the Indian Institute of Technology, or as we know it, the IIT.
The cottage is a testament to the rich legacy of British India, boasting of relics and royal luxuries of the Englishmen back in the days of the past. The open-terraced gardens overlooking the Chur Chandni Mountains and picturesque pine-covered valleys, is a sight to sore eyes. Nearly everything in that household belongs to the English era right from the drive-in porch to real-life tiger-skin rugs and 150 year old candelabras, except for the bathrooms and the Kitchen, which were fitted with modern amenities to cater for the guests.
Experience resplendent hospitality indulged to you by hosts, who once hosted genuine English dinners back during the British Raj.
Adjoining to the beauty of the main house are two quaint little cottages fashioned to accommodate modern amenities like gas, utensils, refrigerators and water purifiers while keeping to the ambience of the original British style. We offer 2 exquisite family suites with 2 capacious bedrooms each.
Book a stay to this historic emanation with us, here at Samaa Resorts.



With a spectacular view of the enchanting mountains and valleys of Himachal within 200 meters in any direction, Fagu is a destination 20 kilometers ahead of Shimla and a blissful stopover on your journey to Kinnaur. Fagu is popularly known to be the highest point in Shimla with a panorama so sensational that it will leave you breathless.
This subtle paradise experiences snowfall during winters (Jan-Mar) giving it a pristine snow-capped look and happens to be pleasantly chilly even in the peak of summer, an ideal place for snow-based mountain sports like skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and lots more!
Fagu is a perfect place to trek, walk, explore or simply laze around, it is an impeccable place for those who candidly want to bask in the glory of Mother Nature.
Discover the colorful, exotic birds and abundant wildlife of the Himalayas as you visit the Himalayan Zoo in nearby Kufri, well known for being snow covered for a good half of the year. Enjoy the cold white fuzzy stuff we know as snow, have snowball fights, build a snowman, drink hot chocolate and just let loose in Kufri, barely 5.6km away from Fagu.
A bungalow with 7 spacious rooms, fitted with your everyday modern amenities and located amidst sweet apple orchards, awaits your arrival as we offer this piece of luxury to you. Travel to Chitkul and Kalpa keeping Fagu as your first and last pit-stop. Come bathe in the opulence of Samaa Resorts – Maya.

Now, what’s makes Samaa resorts special?

1. The beauty, charm, local splendour is enormous here.
2. Truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
3. Comfortable, cosy, high order of service and utmost care, above all
4. Raw beauty, Splendid colours, Sheer aloofness and serene settings – Countless experiences felt all at once
5. The right amount of rejuvenation : In the cradle of confluence of Hindu & Buddhist Gods
6. An ideal ambience : Do what you feel & feel what you do
7. Unravel yourself with the comfort of Samaa
8. There is difference between ‘service’ & ‘hospitality’.
Service comes from duty & hospitality comes from heart….
For us, it always the latter part!
9. A special package of happiness: Excellent food & service packed with breathtaking view of the mountains

At Samaa resorts, Chitkul & Kalpa,
we offer customised tours to stay in Spiti & rest of Himachal Pradesh too.
Be rest assured, we provide comfortable stays everywhere enroute through us.
After your tiring trek, satiate your hungers pangs with our array of multi-cuisine ranging from Italian to Indian (Veg & Non-veg)
Enjoy unique hospitality in unimaginable settings!

Feel at home at Samaa Resorts